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The Thomas Fox team and the importance of recycling

September 21, 2023

The Thomas Fox team and the importance of recycling 

Traditionally, the waste materials from our garden management sites would have been deposited in a very different way… In today’s green environment, recycling and sustainability are priorities at the forefront of our operation.

As you can imagine, our team of landscape gardeners produce tonnes of green garden waste every week from our many garden maintenance contracts, and when the waste comes back to our site that’s when the work begins. For the last 3+ years, our on-site shredding and mulching service has allowed us to recycle green waste materials and turn them into a beautiful nutrient rich compost.

The compost is turned regularly and over the course of 6-12 months, it’s then ready to spread onto lawns, flowerbeds and bushes, ensuring they thrive all year round.

The chipped wood waste we recycle also makes an excellent long-lasting mulch for natural paths and borders which is rich in carbon but low in nitrogen, our team then mixes the chipped wood materials with nitrogen-rich materials such as lawn mowings to increase their decomposition rate.

As with many others, we are always interested in finding new ways that our business can help with earth’s environmental issues, and proud to be doing our bit!

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