Can National Trust Members Take a Guest?

May 30, 2024

Can National Trust Members Take a Guest?

Can You Lend Someone Your National Trust Card?

As a National Trust member, your membership card is a personal benefit and is non-transferable. This means you cannot lend your card to someone else to use in your place.

  • Non-Transferable: The membership card is issued to an individual and is intended for personal use only. Lending it to someone else is against National Trust policies.
  • Identification: When visiting a National Trust site, members may be asked to provide additional identification to verify the membership cardholder’s identity.
  • Guest Privileges: If your membership card indicates "+ guest" after your name, you are allowed to bring a guest for free to pay-to-enter places.

It’s essential to respect the terms of use to ensure the continued benefits of membership for all National Trust members.

Can Two Adults Use a National Trust Family Pass?

A National Trust family pass is designed to accommodate families and provide access for multiple family members. However, its usage is specific to the family unit it was issued to.

  • Family Unit: The family pass typically covers two adults and their children or grandchildren. It is not meant for use by two unrelated adults.
  • Verification: National Trust staff may verify that the pass is being used correctly according to the membership terms.
  • Benefits: The family membership offers excellent value, especially for frequent visits with children, providing significant savings on entrance fees.

Using the family pass as intended ensures compliance with National Trust policies and maximises its benefits for family visits.

Can You Go to National Trust Without a Membership?

Yes, you can visit National Trust properties without a membership, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Entrance Fees: Non-members are required to pay entrance fees at pay-to-enter National Trust sites. These fees help support the maintenance and conservation of the properties.
  • Membership Benefits: While non-members can enjoy a visit, membership provides unlimited access to hundreds of sites, free parking at most locations, and additional benefits such as exclusive member events and discounts.
  • Occasional Free Access: Some National Trust properties and outdoor spaces are accessible for free to the public, though specific facilities and features may still require a fee.

Considering the frequency of visits and benefits, a National Trust membership can offer substantial savings and support conservation efforts.


National Trust membership offers a wealth of benefits, from free access to numerous historical and natural sites to exclusive events and discounts. Understanding the terms of use, such as non-transferability of membership cards and the proper usage of family passes, ensures that members can fully enjoy these privileges. For non-members, visiting National Trust properties is still possible with entrance fees, though a membership can provide greater value and support the important work of the Trust.


Do National Trust Members Get a Discount for Over 60?

Yes, senior members aged 60 or over who have been members for at least the last three consecutive years can receive a 25% discount on their subscription. This makes the annual fee £68.40 for individual senior membership and £113.40 for joint senior membership.

What Happens if You Forget Your National Trust Card?

If you forget your National Trust card, you can sign in online and request a new card. A temporary card will be emailed to you straight away, allowing you to continue enjoying your visit.

Can National Trust Members Get Into English Heritage Sites for Free?

Yes, National Trust members can visit some English Heritage sites like Stonehenge for free. It is recommended to book a ticket in advance and bring your booking confirmation and National Trust membership card, along with a photo ID.

Do Pensioners Get a Discount for National Trust?

Pensioners can qualify for a senior membership discount if they are over 60 and have been a National Trust member for five years out of the previous ten. The discount offers 25% off the normal adult rates, making it an affordable option for older members.

By understanding these details and benefits, National Trust members and potential members can make the most of their experiences and support the valuable work of the National Trust.

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